Open mind , Open Heart (開心,見誠)

 Good evening,  fellow toastmasters and guests. I was wondering what I should speak tonight and then Hilton, my mentor, suggested that I can say something such as why and how I became a doctor.

My father said that he once asked his doctor to comment on the prospect  and life of a being doctor and the doctor said that if one wants to be rich, one better choose business. Nevertheless being a doctor  can provide a relatively stable life and a meaningful career. That was the comment given by my father to my elder sister and I just followed her footsteps to become a doctor.


 I thought that at least I will know what is going on inside my body if I feel uncomfortable so that I can treat myself. Then my life will be healthy. Only in the last few years did I realize that doctors are seldom taught the most important cause for an unhealthy life , which is about what is going on inside a human mind.  And what is going on in our mind is already  proven to be able to produce stress hormones, resulting in a life filled with dis-ease and diseases, including physical disease , mental illness, making unhealthy decisions leading to social diseases and bad habits, causing relationship problems during work or family life.


 Medical education and training closed doctors’ and patients’ mind into learning only  “body disease” material skills which is  the external control of the body with drugs or surgery .  It also closed (or narrowed)  their  hearts  by not teaching doctors  “emotional health” mind skills which could have empower patients' logical mind to finetune their automatic mind which drive their body to good or bad destination. Our society culture and medical cultures it treat emotion as being unavoidable and a normal humane instinct worthy of only emotional support rather than elevation,  using verbal or  material means,  so much so that more drugs or surgery are now commonly used to treat patients’ worries, sometimes with fatal consequence.


Poor reciprocal communication skills prevents open heart, and also leads to premature judgment which prevents open mind resulting in a vicious circle leading  to dis-ease and subsequently all types of disease.  So I am busy catching up on this part of knowledge and skill through toastmasters.


Next question, how I became a doctor. The answer is simple , I went to a local medical school to study.  Well, I think this is a “too simple, sometimes naïve” answer.  I think the real meaning behind this question was how I went through the hurdles to enter medical school. I think the answer is also very simple. After I found my target, I just programmed my mind to stay focused  and work hard to get what I want without spending  time thinking  about what I do not want, which is failure. This is the law of attraction which states that you tend to attract to your life whatever dominates your mind, whether positive or negative. Likewise if you want to protect your health against disease, you focus on disease and evidence proved that you are more likely to get disease due to stress hormones activation.


I am now learning the skills to open my mind and patients’ mind to turn our instinctive negative defensive attitude into positive learning attitude, to prevent  premature judgment so that we can analyze or accept new evidence as to appreciate the importance of  dis-ease directly cause disease  and  how at- ease leads to health. Over protecting our old beliefs about material therapy will often trigger our negative thinking against mindbody therapy and lead to dis-ease and stress again.


I am also learning to improve my reciprocal communication skills to open my heart and patients’  heart . Freedom of speech, expression of our feelings is important to avoid pent up negative emotion which can directly lead to many diseases,  

while at the same time opening our heart to receive positive emotion to enrich our life and improve our health.


  I  means  ill.  We  means  well.  Opening our minds and heart can lead to a successful "we".


I found out from medical history and current scientific evidence that the present bio-medical system for the training of doctors, which has been in use for  more than 200 years, is already outdated  as it treats the body and mind as separate matters and treats mainly the body and supports the mind with words or material, creating a barrier between from disease to health.


System train doctors, and doctors train patients to look only almost  for diseases whereas health is in the other direction,. Looking for disease activate our stress hormone system can directly causing disease itself. However this mechanism is relatively systematically neglected by cliinical doctors, resulting in a feature article in the British Medical Journal on May 29th this year (2012) titled “how to stop (medicine from) harming healthy people”. (


Hence I have found a new interest and meaning in life, to improve my commnications skills to promote the newer bio-psychosocial model of disease (Engel, 1977) , improving both the mind and body, so that patients going to the doctors’ office are no longer kept on the road of disease and guided from disease to death.


Nowadays doctors respect patients’ preference . If you want to use less drugs or surgery to treat your disease or to avoid subconsciously asking for unnecessary harm from the medical system , please visit .