Principle of  Mind Body Medicine

             It is proven in science that our course of life and health is affected by:

A) Fixed mindset - subconsciously but systematically (legal, medical, social systems) encouraged by professionals and specialists under a social system -  for public benefit

                     i) genes (genetics),

                     ii) environment  (epi-genetics),

B)  Flexible mind - for personal benefit, but systematically often overlooked by caring party to respect freedom of thinking and right to choose.

                     iii)  our perception of our internal or external environment (psycho-epigenetics), triggering our neuro-endocrine hormonal system, sympathetic nervous system, psycho-neuro-imunology system. 


      人生動力來自正或負面情緒 (E-motion  = energy in motion)        

        The core principle of Mind Body Medicine is based on the simple idea fully supported by scientific evidence that positive emotion tend to produce positive hormones leading to a positive life , while our instinctive protective negative hormone produce negative (stress) hormones and lead to a negative life. Mis-beliefs leading to false postive emotion excluded. Life here means physical health or diseases, psychological health or mental diseases, relationship health or  dis-ease in workplace, family, social life.

           The most important concept of Mind Body Medicine is the frameless methodology, whereby there is no restriction on means (methods not framed by culture, persona bias, icon, religion, coountry) to justify the end (goal of good personal physical and psychological health).      In Good we trust.


       While recent scientific evidence point to a direction of merging of Psychology (the study of external behaviour of people) and Medicine (the study of internal behaviour of people -  cells, tissues, organs) , it is almost completely separated in the main street due to professionall boundaries. There are also limitations to researches in psychology:

              i) In order to do research, it is necessary to fix many variable factors to allow study of one variable factor. In order to recruit volunteers, it is often necessary to raise hope or expectation from volunteers who may be negatively driven to look for aparently positive methods. Thus research necessarily leads to bias fromthe beginning.

               ii) Unfortunately, the current psychology researches ar still restricted tol use behaviour statistics from many person to explain t the behaviour of an individual. They study the mind of people through questionnaires to be answered by volunteers, thus the answer will only be from the conscious mind of people while their subconscious mind are not studied. MInd Body Medicne principle focus on studying the individual and explore their subconscious mind which lead to emotion and hormones changes, lead to their destiny in life.

       The psychology  is the same as psychology of success in life and work written by many psychologists, except that such psychology is merged with medical knowledge (scientific material body medicine) to produce a complete knowledge of how to achieve success in life and work and health, including during disease period and applicable in daily life.


Application in Marriage Counselling

     There are different marriage counselling skills used by psychologists such as imroving communication skills or trying to persuade the partner to reduce their expectation, wants or needs. Some therapy such as Bowen Family system theory focus on maintaining peronal identity in a relationship.

     Mind & Body Medicine focus mainly on improving personal skills to generate a positive emotional hormones and reduce stress hormones  generated between different persons interacting  in a family, using whatever means and theories available. Thus there is no framed mindset or methods confined within any brand or logo or person, as the end result justify all good means. Rather than the means justify the end whereupon the means to the end is confined within a box.

            Mind & Body Medicine concept sees marriage problems, like all  human life or health/disease problems,   as a lack of confidence in one's ability to adapt smoothly to daily life which lead to accumulation of negative emotions to the extent that lead to actions to avoid  mental pain. (醫學,從來都是以「回復人們自信心,可以如常生活」為目的)。Physiologically it is due to building up of  stress hormones surprising the threshold for action. The breaking of relationship is an avoidance behaviour with the aim to stop the mental pain (goal) arising from negative hormones generated from the subconscious mind through  conscious act of separation (action). The aim is not to separate even though the action is threatened separation.

       Mind & Body Medicine, armed with scientific medical knowledge and proof to remove self limiting beliefs of clients, has the broader aim to facilitate expression of the persons'  innate power (少眾醫學) to restore and improve the persons' ability to handle their life in all aspects  (  personal life cycle such as study, work, disease, aging ; and  family life  cycle such as marriage, chidren, kinship) with self confidence from within (自信), rather than relying on external confidence (他信) to support their self confidence .The latter being the characteristic of  our existing  medical or health care system which owns the authority or power to  empower the clients/patients (大眾醫學).

               People are mostly instinctively protective and negative driven, except getting married due to positive emotion and attractive forces, and they separate due to negative emotion giving rise to negative forces.

             The core techique of Mind & Body Medicine is the belief that the human machine (human behaviour)  is driven by positive or negative hormones leading to positive or negative life. It  use skills to facilitate the person to

    a) increase their confidence in their ability to resolve the conflict,

    b) to improve their own mental skills  into generating less stress hormones and more happy hormones during daily activity, leading to lowering in level of stress and  conflict resolution.


         Marriage counselling is only effective for those who's conscious logical calculating mind want to retain their relationship while their subconscious emotional calculated mind produce stress hormones leading to action of separation.